Expanding E-Commerce in Sarawak

3 Problems when Expanding
E-Commerce To Sarawak

Part 1 - Shipping to Sarawak

Problem : Shipping your products individually to Sarawak can be expensive due to the geographical factor.

Solution : You can ship in bulk to get a cheaper rate.

King's Parcel Service : We can help to arrange a cargo container alongside our other shipments from Klang Valley to Sarawak and receive your shipment.

Part 2 - Storing in Sarawak

Problem : Storing your products in Sarawak will require someone to manage and cost money especially if you don't know how much space you will need, 

Solution : You might want to look for a storage facility provider that can store your products for you based on your space usage.

King's Parcel Service : We can help to store your product at our warehouse facility and charge only for the space you need.

Part 3 - Pick, Pack and Deliver from Sarawak

Problem : Delivering your orders from West Malaysia to East Malaysia will take a longer time and cost more.

Solution : Finding a provider to pick, pack and deliver your products from within Sarawak can provide a quicker and cheaper delivery.

King's Parcel Service : We can help to pick, pack and deliver your orders as soon as we receive them. We strive for same day or next day delivery.