Starting an E-Commerce in Sarawak for Beginners

5 Parts Guide for E-Commerce Beginners
Part 1 - Finding a product

Find a Product that you would like to sell in your E-Commerce Shop.
Look for ideas online and look for the Product from
You can also check on Shopee or Lazada to see how much the product sells for.

King's Parcel Service : You can let us know what products you are interested to sell in Sarawak!

Part 2 : Ordering from a Supplier

Placing orders from suppliers will usually require a larger quantity.
Therefore, you will need to receive the large order and make sure they are the correct quantity and in good condition.

King's Parcel Service : We can receive your orders to count them and make sure they are in good condition.

Part 3 - Storage and Inventory Management

Storing these products will usually take up lots of space.
Therefore, you will need a storage space for your products. 

King's Parcel Service : We can help you to store your products in our warehouse. We will also keep track of your sales and update you on the remaining stock count.

Part 4 - Picking and Packing

Be ready to pick and pack upon receiving an order.
Therefore, you might want to look for someone to pick items based on the orders and pack them into the right sized packaging.

King's Parcel Service : We can help to pick your orders as soon as they are placed and to pack them in a secure packaging to be shipped.

Part 5 - Delivery

Customers will be happy if their shipments can be delivered quickly and will be more likely to buy from you again.
Therefore, if you do not have the time to deliver your orders, you might want to look for someone who can deliver them everyday.

King's Parcel Service : We can help you to delivery or arrange delivery for your products as we strive for same day or next day delivery within Sarawak.