5 Services for your E-Commerce needs in Sarawak

Service #1 - Sourcing your Product



Let us know what products you are interested to sell in Sarawak.

Looking for a Supplier

We will contact a few suppliers to provide a pricing and their minimum order requirement.

Placing The Order

We will place the order to our storage location upon receiving your confirmation and payment.

    Service #2 - Receiving the Product
     Unloading We will unload the products from the cargo container.
    Quality Check We will count the number of products received and ensure they are in good conditionl.

      Service #3 - Storage and Inventory Management

       Storage We will securely store your products.
      Inventory Management We will monitor your remaining stock and notify you when it is low on stock.

      Service #4 - Order Fulfillment

       Pick & Pack We will pick the products based on the orders and pack them securely for shipping.


      Service #5 - Delivery
       Delivery We will deliver the orders to the customer's address. We strive for same day delivery or next day delivery.