What does "SoSenang" mean?

As understood by all Malaysians, the SoSenang brand is the Malaysian slang for "So Simple". The name was chosen to reflect our products that are here to Improve Your Quality of Living and Make Life More Simple.

Why Sensor Bins?

The SoSenang Sensor Bin Is A Premium Product That Is Built To Last for the home or office. SoSenang Sensor Bin features an Automatic Opening Lid That Keeps Your Trash Enclosed and Tidy within a sleek stainless steel body. The Automatic Lid Opens With The Wave Of A Hand or even just by standing close to it. The dustbin is an essential part of the home which is why the SoSenang Sensor Bin's Stainless Steel Body Shines to reflect your home's elegance and beauty.

Why SoSenang?

Our Brand's Values, Mission and Goals means that We Want Customers To Have A Good Experience with our product. Which is why, we have included Gifts in the Box to help in doing just that. We Also Believe In Sustainable Lasting Products. Hence, SoSenang's after-sales service aims to ensure that our product doesn't just get thrown away after awhile. Lastly, We Believe In A Competitive Market and strive to provide the lowest price to our customers.

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